Chaussures de basket UA Curry 6

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Chaussures de basket UA Curry 6
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  • Empeigne 100 % tricot pour une grande respirabilité et un effet de compression assurant un renfort directionnel tout en légèreté
  • Amorti UA HOVR™ sur toute la longueur pour un retour d'énergie dynamique et une sensation zéro gravité
  • Contrefort de talon extérieur pour plus de stabilité et de soutien
  • Plaque vitesse sur toute la longueur pour vous permettre de rester facilement en extension et de semer les défenseurs
  • Semelle extérieure au design fendu offrant une adhérence supérieure sur le terrain
  • Motif de semelle extérieure unique pour une meilleure adhérence et une plus grande souplesse au niveau de la pointe des pieds
  • Poids : 340 grammes.
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    Amorti UA HOVR™ intégral pour un retour d'énergie
    explosif et une légèreté exceptionnelle


    La semelle extérieure fendue améliore
    le contact au sol et renforce la traction


    La semelle de vitesse vous procure une stabilité maximale
    pour laisser sur place les défenseurs

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Fail early

I bought a pair 5 months ago and only use them on the court, and only 1-2 times per week. At first I was pleased with them due to the great stability and feel. A month or so in though they really started irritating my ankle bone on the outside, not with a blister but what was probably more like tendonitis and they were extremely uncomfortable to move around in until I warmed up and worked through the pain. Could be due to the tension the lacing system puts around the perimeter of the shoe and around the ankle, although I really didn’t even tighten them up much at all and have a narrow foot. Then this morning, after only 5 months and maybe 30 hours of total wear time, the lacing system that creates the eyelets for the shoe laces snapped when I went to lace them up, rendering them useless. Really disappointing durability and I’ve never had a pair of basketball shoes fail this early.

Very disappointed with the quality

I play basketball for over 20 years now,these are the worst basketball shoes I have ever had,do not buy these as they are built very poorly and the worst thing about them is shoe laces.Doesnt matter how tight you do them,they still go lose very often,needs redoing every 10-15min otherwise you would lose a show while playing.Definetly that is not what you want when you play basketball.Wouldnt recommend to anyone.

Very disappointing shoe

I purchased the Curry 6 to play in a basketball league I was starting in. After playing two games on an indoor court, the bottom of the shoes started to fall apart. After looking at some of the other reviews, this is a trend with the Curry 6. This shoe does not have good performance, and I suggest you look elsewhere if you want a long-lasting performance basketball shoe. The Curry 6 is not well built, and I'm disappointed to Under Armour would release a shoe with such blatant quality issues. This makes me hesitant to purchase another Under Armour shoe.

Tongue label wore off in 3 days

The label on the tongue came off within 3 days. Was white underneath. Really disappointing when you pay full price.

A Secret About this Shoe

The secret is this shoe has a moldable memory style foot bed that after you wear the shoe for a few days the foot bed is formed to the shape of your foot. Why is this important? This adds needed space in just the right places. Its important to know because when you first put on the shoe its a little bit tight especially around the toe area. Your big toes can be pushed up against the sides of the front of the shoe while walking at first. I almost returned mine but decided to give it a few days and low and behold the foot bed formed to my foot and I got a perfect fitting shoe. Probably one of the most comfortable well fitting shoes I own.

Perfect quality

I never had a problem with the shoes I love them so much.

Great shoe with a great flaw

The reviews on the outsole on the bottom traction are not lies. I literally wore my curry 6 for the first time in an indoor gym and the bottom sole started chipping off and eventually a piece just tore off. I wanna say though that the rest of this shoe and the full unit out of the box was awesome. The fit is great, traction is great, and overall comfort is awesome. Would totally recommend minus this MAJOR flaw.

Great walking shoe to boot!

I'm retired and I bought the Curry 6 Sideshow in a size 10 partly because I used to work in Oakland and am a SF Giants fan, so the orange and black colorway was a no brainer. The Curry 6 is great for early morning walks on pavement and sidewalks and I have not experienced the dreaded sole separation after 4 months of daily use. It makes a great pair of slip on shoes as I wear them sans shoe laces. Only negative is very minute pebbles get embedded in the grid areas on the sole, but are easily removed with an awl and wouldn't be an issue on the court.


I bought these back in June, and the sole peeled off already... terrible quality control. The shoes are basically new too since I only play once a week...

Wonderful basketball shoe!

This shoe is designed to play ball in! It does that very effectively! This shoe was NOT designed for comfort so do not buy it for that! These are stiff and are designed for max grip on the courts! The shoes slip on easily and are very quality looking! The laces stay tight like they should! The navy and green color way is amazing and I highly recommend it! Shoes fits your size right in my opinion! I am an 11 1/2 and the shoe fit perfectly!