Chaussures de course UA Charged Bandit 3 pour homme

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Chaussures de course UA Charged Bandit 3 pour homme
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Chaussures de course UA Charged Bandit 3 pour homme

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Conçu pour tout faire, ce modèle est prêt à enfiler des kilomètres et des kilomètres, tout en s'adaptant parfaitement et en vous donnant belle allure. L'empeigne légère en tricot repose sur une semelle intermédiaire Charged Cushioning® pour un parcours en douceur et en souplesse.
  • NEUTRE: Pour les coureurs qui souhaitent combiner souplesse et amorti
  • Empeigne basée sur la technologie UA SpeedForm® qui moule le pied pour une coupe de précision, en éliminant toutes les distractions
  • Empeigne légère qui maintient le pied de façon souple, en laissant respirer la peau
  • Contrefort de talon externe ferme pour un soutien et un maintien accrus, l'arrière du pied restant en place
  • Chaussette intérieure antimicrobienne en Ortholite® qui moule le pied
  • Semelle intermédiaire Charged Cushioning® double épaisseur, avec mousse comprimée pour plus de résistance et de réactivité, offrant un amorti parfait et un renvoi d’énergie idéal pour une performance optimale
  • Semelle extérieure en caoutchouc résistant, qui protège les zones les plus sensibles à l’impact afin d’offrir plus de résistance sans ajouter de poids supplémentaire
  • Rainures flexibles placées de façon stratégique pour la flexibilité aux endroits clés
  • Compensation : 8 mm
  • Poids : 260 g
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Charged Bandit 3-4E Running Show

Durable, log lasting, good casual or active wear shoe!! UA makes the best shoes.

Very uncomfortable

Not comfortable at all will be returning. Ua needs more selection for wide shoes it’s bad they have such a little selection for people with wide feet

Charged Bandit 3

These running shoes feel very comfortable. I switched shoes when I had problems with my heal. When I switched I felt instant relief and after 2 weeks I ordered another pair because I love them. I’m flat footed but I wanted to try a neutral running shoe because the over pronation shoes made my feet feel to restricted and uncomfortable. The bottom are pretty durable. I just switched to my 2nd pair after several months and they didn’t wear out like others brands I’ve tried.

Not as good compared to Sonic 2

Bought these (Bandit 3 - 4E) along with HOVR™ Sonic 2 Used it for alternately for 1 week and gave up on Bandit 3 Primarily because Sonic 2 were more comfortable and has bluetooth function for analytics and coaching tips Kept the Bandit 3 as backup


Shoe material wasn’t as advertised. Like others have mentioned seems they moved to a different material later on. Shoes feel good for short distance running. Fits as expected and leaves the foot feeling fine afterwards.

Comfy but Not Sturdy

these are my sons son's preferred shoes for running. he says they support his flat feet and are like a cushion. they are really lite weight and hide dirt well. only issue is they get torn up fast. they are made, literally, from sweatshirt material. one or two runs (he does about 12 miles a day) and they are frayed and torn on the top. my son is thrifty enough that he just puts some duct tape on top and keeps using them bc he loves them that much. if the price is ok then ill get them but i would pay full price.

Good but not great

Somehow I expected more. I'm an avid runner and I usually run in shoes that are lightweight and efficient. I really liked older UA shoes such as the Mantis, and Slingshot and I wanted something that would work for longer runs. (20+k or ~12 miles) My favorite feature is the knit upper and Speedform construction. I dislike bulky padded uppers and heel collars but this fits like a sock. Unfortunately, that's where the compliments end as these are very average when it comes to performance. They are 9.4 oz, which means they're fairly bulky and the outsole is stiff. I haven't been impressed with Charged cushioning and prefer their older Micro G foam as had a better feel, flexibility and rebound.

Excellent Product

Truly satisfied. This shoe is just what I wanted. Decent price. Thanks

Good Value

The Bandit Charge 3 is a good value for a shoes that provides good energy return for a good bounce. It's average in the comfort department and fits a little small. It's a very sleek looking shoes, looks great on your feet. It's a neutral running shoes with firm cushion that makes for a fairly fast long run. I also use a Saucony Kinvara 10 that's very comfy and has great energy return for a fast ride. These Bandit Charge 3 are also light weight and the upper seems to stretch to your feet. All in all a an average performer for me and a good value for what it does. looking forward to upgrade the HOVR Infinite to see. what those are like.

Very happy with these shoes

They are very comfortable and light. I use them everyday all day and have no complaints