Chaussures de course UA HOVR™ Machina pour femme

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Véritable coach de running, cette chaussure vous apporte la vitesse d'une plaque de propulsion Pebax® et le doux retour d'énergie de la technologie HOVR™ d'Under Armour.Connectez vos chaussures à l'application MapMyRun™ d'Under Armour pour suivre la longueur, la cadence et le rythme de vos foulées et obtenir des conseils en temps réel.Courir devient un peu plus facile.
  • NEUTRE : pour les athlètes souhaitant allier flexibilité et amorti
  • Technologie HOVR™ d'Under Armour pour une sensation « zéro gravité » garantissant un retour d'énergie capable d'éliminer les impacts
  • Mesh de compression Energy Web qui retient et épouse la mousse HOVR™ d'Under Armour pour un retour d'énergie immédiat
  • Empeigne en mesh technique extrêmement légère et respirante pour une vitesse optimale
  • Renfort talon externe pour plus de stabilité et de maintien
  • Plaque de vitesse Pebax® inspirée des crampons pour le sprint offrant un meilleur retour et des impulsions plus puissantes
  • Semelle extérieure en caoutchouc robuste pour protéger les zones les plus sensibles à l'impact et offrir plus de résistance sans ajouter de poids
  • Crampons en caoutchouc carbone sous les talons pour une adhérence et une résistance supérieures au niveau des zones à fort impact
  • Éléments réfléchissants
  • Différentiel talon-pointe : 8 mm
  • Poids : 246 g
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Bester Schuh seit Langem!

Seit diesem Schuh sind meine Shin Splints Geschichte! Ich habe noch nie einen größeren Komfort UND Halt in einem Schuh gehabt. Sowohl bei Sprüngen als auch bei langsamen und schnellen Laufen unterstützt er unglaublich. Ich habe ihn zu einem Hyrox Wettkampf getragen und ihn also auf Herz und Nieren getestet. Er hat allem Stand gehalten! In anderthalb Stunden Wettkampf habe ich nicht einmal den Schuh am Fuß gespürt, er hat mich so gut unterstützt, dass ich mir keine Gedanken um ihn machen musste - ein wichtigeres Kriterium bei einem Schuh gibt es für mich nicht. Wenn er unterwegs rutscht oder drückt, fällt er immer negativ auf. Danke für diesen Schuh - würde ich jedem empfehlen, vor allem mit Verletzungsvorgeschichte!

I love this product!

Thank you Under Armour for gifting me with the HOVR machine running shoes. I absolutely love them! Not only do I get compliments about their colour and sleek look everytime I wear them, but I also find them to be super comfortable with amazing support! I have had a chance to do some outdoor running, indoor treadmill running and other training in these shoes. They allow me to perform my best in all areas. I find them to have the exact right amount of “cushion” for my foot.

My new fave shoe!!

It’s not hard to write a review for this shoe since it truly is a top pic in my books. As someone who trains for marathons and ironman races, I look for a lightweight shoe that gives me support, comfort and can handle speed, hills and long long runs! Not only does the Machina deliver on all of these, but the bright colour just makes me smile every time I put them on and I get a ton of compliments while I’m out on the road :). I can’t be missed! Thank you Under Armour for sending me a pair of HOVR Machina!


I just generally really love this shoe. It's comfy, light, the colour is insanely cool, the sole is so grippy and the whole shoe just feels good to be in. Thanks so much UA for sending me a pair of Machinas. I am the type of person who really needs to break in a shoe and I already love them after 2 runs.

Women’s UA HOVR Machina

UA are on the right track with the release of the HOVR Machina. The shoe seems built to last and with top of the line ingredients. The design is awesome, I love the connection with MAPMYRUN, reflective details as well as the mesh upper. That said, it is unfortunately still a little stiff for my personal liking. I'm still having a hard time really feeling the return with every stride that I take. All in all, I believe that it's a great shoe but could be made even more responsive.

My new favourite shoes!

Thank you Under Armour for sending me a pair of HOVR Machina! Although I'm not a runner, I find these shoes great for my HIIT workouts and just everyday walking. They are super comfortable and provide amazing support!

My favorite HOVR shoe

Thank you Under Armour for sending me a pair of the HOVR Machine. It's my new favorite shoe! I'm a huge fan of circuit training and I feel like these are the shoes i've been waiting for the comfort level is unmatched. I've been recommending them to all my friends. I've tested the connection with the MAPMYRUN app. It's like having a running coach inside my headset giving my tips on how to improve my run. I've also worn these shoes while travelling and I was very impressed by how light they felt.

UA Machina

I was gifted the Machina from UA. The machinas are amazing I have worn them for steady runs, long runs and tempo runs. They are so comfortable and light. The two pronged carbon filled penal propulsion plate provides quick turnover and speed. The imbedded chip to connect to UA map my run is a brilliant coachable device. The bright colour is insanely amazing and eye catching!

I now love running!

They are simply the best! Super comfortable with great support. The propulsion system is great and the fact that I can get automatic feedback from the Bluetooth chip to mapmyrun app has optimized my runs. The hovr Machina motivate me to run more.