Chaussures de course UA HOVR™ Machina pour homme

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Véritable coach de running, cette chaussure vous apporte la vitesse d'une plaque de propulsion Pebax® et le doux retour d'énergie de la technologie HOVR™ d'Under Armour.Connectez vos chaussures à l'application MapMyRun™ d'Under Armour pour suivre la longueur, la cadence et le rythme de vos foulées et obtenir des conseils en temps réel.Courir devient un peu plus facile.
  • NEUTRE : pour les athlètes souhaitant allier flexibilité et amorti
  • Technologie HOVR™ d'Under Armour pour une sensation « zéro gravité » garantissant un retour d'énergie capable d'éliminer les impacts
  • Mesh de compression Energy Web qui retient et épouse la mousse HOVR™ d'Under Armour pour un retour d'énergie immédiat
  • Empeigne en mesh technique extrêmement légère et respirante pour une vitesse optimale
  • Renfort talon externe pour plus de stabilité et de maintien
  • Plaque de vitesse Pebax® inspirée des crampons pour le sprint offrant un meilleur retour et des impulsions plus puissantes
  • Semelle extérieure en caoutchouc robuste pour protéger les zones les plus sensibles à l'impact et offrir plus de résistance sans ajouter de poids
  • Crampons en caoutchouc carbone sous les talons pour une adhérence et une résistance supérieures au niveau des zones à fort impact
  • Éléments réfléchissants
  • Différentiel talon-pointe : 8 mm
  • Poids : 295 g
  • Importé
  • IMPORTANT: Certains composants ne peuvent pas être jetés avec les déchets courants

    Connecte tes chaussures à UA MapMyRun™ pour réaliser
    un suivi des données et bénéficier du coaching pendant la course,
    afin de t'aider à réduire les risques de blessures et de faciliter ta course.


    La mousse UA HOVR™ réactive et confortable, alliée au maillage
    Energy Web, contribue à restituer l'énergie que tu mets dans chaque mouvement.


    Une conception légère et une plaque de propulsion à 2 pointes
    en Pebax® te garantissent des transitions plus fluides et
    une poussée plus rapide et plus souple au niveau des orteils.

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Not comfortable

Shoes are not comfortable at all. Thight from front side even I bought one number larger than my foot size.

Great Shoe but will order a longer size

These were my second set of HOVR connected shoes I've used. The Phantoms were a great pair ended up getting 378 miles out of them before they had to be retired. The Phantoms seemed to be a little narrow in the toe box. With this pair the toe box was spot on the width, however I have gotten pretty bad case of runners toe after switching. I really like the comfort and weight of these shoes. I haven't really noticed a difference with PEBAX insert. I will be buying a second pair of these in a half size larger.

This shoe caused major shin pain for me

I've been running in UA shoes for about 3 years now and have been in Infinites for awhile. I decided to change it up and try out the Machina. They were very stiff at first but figured a couple miles and they would loosen up. They did after about 20 miles but at 30-40 miles my right shin began to have major pain that I had not experienced. I switched back to my Infinite and had no issues. Gave these a try again and immediately had the pain. I had read great reviews on these but they just did not work for my feet. I'll stick to my Infinite.

Shoe Size Not Available

Will the RED color shoe be released in a size 7???

Great shoes best for snappy 5-10km but capable of more.

I have been using these shoes since April and have put around 200km on them. I have found the fit to be just right, UK size 10 in almost all shoes and these have been very comfortable even from the first run. I find they work very well in short quick runs, thanks to the single carbon plate they feel very springy. I have done up to half marathon distance in them and they are still comfortable for that - although I probably wouldn't take them any further. I have them paired to my Samsung smartwatch (even without my phone) - live cadence data is very helpful. The coaching tips from the map mapmyrun app are a little basic but appreciated. They are probably very useful for new runners. I love the colour - the 'red' is much more of a neon pink/orange but it won't be for everyone! TLDR: Great versatile running shoe, best for short runs with good feedback from smart devices.


Best running shoes I had so far, very confy and good performance.


I really wanted to like these shoes. The appearance and the features on paper sounded great. But after trying really hard to give them a shot (I have put about 100 miles on them), I just don't like them at all. The first thing is the fit. I find them really tight which is a first in shoes for me. I traditionally have narrow feet and usually my only issue is that the shoes feel sloppy. Not the case with these. My feet feel cramped and uncomfortable. For context I currently run in pairs of Altras, Hokas, Sauconys, and Salomons (when I'm not using the UAs) and do not have this issue in any of those other shoes. The second issue is the performance. I expected a shoe that was plush enough for long runs, but still responsive. Instead I find them to be heavy and firm to the point of feeling clunky. Again, I run in a lot of different shoes with different levels of cushioning and responsiveness and I have been able to comfortably adapt to all of those. The Machinas just have not broken in in a way that I feel comfortable running more than a few miles in them at a time. The last thing is that I can see how UA is attempting to compete in the market with the rest of the shoe companies utilizing carbon fiber plate technology. Where they missed the mark is that they tried to create a daily running shoe where those others are more light weight trainers and racing shoes. In doing so, they made a shoe that is not a great daily trainer and not a shoe you can race in. Like I said, I really wanted to like this shoe because I like so much of the other things that UA does (the Tribase Reign is one of the best shoes I've ever used for the gym), but the HOVR Machina just does not work for me and is not worth the hefty price tag. Wish I could have that money back for UA running apparel instead.

Heerlijke schoenen

Mooie, stevige schoenen. Maat valt klein. Ik zou zeker een halve maat groter bestellen. Prestatie kan ik nog niks over zeggen

Great shoes, watch measurements

As a running shoe, these are great—comfortable, firm cushioning, stable, and good both for distance and speed. The problem is that its distance measurements are long by about 8%. I sensed it at first on routes I have done forever, when I’d get to the end and the app said I had gone longer than usual. And I confirmed it just now on a track—the shoes and app measured a mile about 120 meters too early. I figured out how to recalibrate them and we’ll see if it works—I’m hopeful, and otherwise very happy with these.

Lasted under 150 miles

The shoe is extremely comfortable. However, after 50 miles I noticed the soles of the shoes where wearing down to the point that there was no more grip left on them. Around 100 miles, it was down to the propulsion plate. For the price of these shoes I would not recommend them.