Chaussures de course UA HOVR™ Velociti 2 pour homme

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Pour les coureurs qui mettent la vitesse au premier plan, Under Armour HOVR™ Velocti est l'équilibre parfait entre amorti léger, flexibilité et aération.La semelle en caoutchouc résistant caresse la route pour vous permettre de garder votre vitesse et offre une sensation de souplesse exceptionnelle.
  • NEUTRE : Pour les coureurs souhaitant allier souplesse, amorti et polyvalence
  • CHAUSSURES CONNECTÉES À MAPMYRUN™ D'UNDER ARMOUR : mesure et analyse chaque paramètre de course pour faire de vous un meilleur coureur
  • La technologie HOVR™ d'Under Armour offre une sensation « zéro gravité » garantissant un retour d'énergie capable d'éliminer les impacts pas après pas
  • Le mesh de compression Energy Web retient et épouse la mousse HOVR™ d'Under Armour pour un retour d'énergie immédiat
  • L'empeigne en mesh technique, extrêmement légère et respirante, assure un maintien stratégique là où vous en avez besoin
  • Semelle intérieure en EVA découpée sur toute la longueur, qui épouse la forme du pied et est antidérapante pour un confort idéal
  • Le bord de semelle intermédiaire Micro G® transforme les atterrissages souples en départs explosifs
  • La conception unique et façonnée de la semelle extérieure permet un volume minimal sans sacrifier la traction et la longévité
  • Caoutchouc ultra-résistant aux frottements placé sous le talon pour mieux absorber les impacts du contact avec le sol
  • Éléments réfléchissants pour plus de visibilité dans la pénombre
  • Compensation : 8 mm
  • Poids : 255 g
  • Importé
  • IMPORTANT: Certains composants ne peuvent pas être jetés avec les déchets courants

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Waste of money - bought shoes as a present but they didn't last at all and now are going to the landfill

These shoes looked good and were bought as a present for my husband who actually never ran in them but just used them as a walking shoe. Even then, these shoes lasted him less than 3 months (and this was during lockdown so not exactly doing a lot of walking or strolling around town). The sole has completely worn down and parts of it have actually torn off away from the shoe. We love underarmour and have bought clothes for almost 20 years. But we were extremely disappointed by the quality, especially given the price point. I could have bought him a good brand for less and he'd still be wearing them. We never heard back from customer service on how to replace them. From an environmental standpoint - I had expected underarmour to be more conscious of selling products with such a short lifespan. Bad for the environment, bad for the consumer, bad for the planet!

  • Sole separation
  • null

273 miles can't be wrong!

Under Armour - Last year I purchased these bad boys. Velociti 2. I bought them and started running August 7th 2019. Today is the first day they've felt flat and you can just see some wear on my big toes, and the rubber is worn a bit. I've run over 273 miles, which for a guy who's starting weight was 18.8, is pretty impressive. In that year I dropped to 15.8 checking back on my stats, but I pushed too hard and tore my calf. Oops. I hung the shoes up for a while and crept back to 18.8 funny enough. I started again last month and I'm low 17's again heading in the right way though. It's been an up and down journey... Look... I just want to say well done for producing a shoe worthy of this post. This pair has been one of the greatest purchases of all time for me. They've taken a beating by a big guy for over 270+ miles, rain, wind, sunshine, over road, pavement, hills, grass. Only now after 1 whole year are they showing signs of old age. What a truly amazing pair of shoes. It is with great sadness, that last night I ordered a replacement pair, and I just hope* they live up to these... and of course it's another pair of under armours! Few more runs in these yet, but today I celebrate my shoes and say my goodbyes. I love you shoes!

  • Map My Run
  • After 273 miles they only just show wear on toes

Great running shoe !

Had to buy these in a larger size...normally size 9 UK however bought a size 10 UK so do run small in size. Great style...great colour and very comfortable. Can highly recommend

Very poor durability

Great trainer, light and comfy and good Bluetooth function. However, the durability of these trainers is awful. I have had them 6 weeks and they need to be thrown away.

Fave sneaker ever

best fit for wide foot. Very comfy. This is my 2nd pair. Love them.

Tres bon et confortable produit.

Bonne chaussure de route confortable et de très bonne qualité.

Looks Great, Fits Poorly

Two problems with this shoe. First, as other reviewers have said, they're small. I used Under Armour's official fit guide, which said that a 10 3/8 inch foot (I measured very precisely) was exactly a size 8.5. I normally wear a size 9 but bought the 8.5. My toes were breaking through the shoes. It turns out that these shoes fit a half-size small and a full size smaller than the official size chart, so I had to return the 8.5s and buy 9.5s. The length of the 9.5s is okay, but as another reviewer referenced, when the laces go through the last eyelet, they're at an angle and pressure that very lightly pulls at the top of my foot, even when tied pretty loosely. I bought these more for walking than running, so I do few enough miles that it isn't worth returning the shoes. But I expect that the pressure on the top of the foot would cause problems if you put serious miles in them. Bottom line, these look great in the teal and orange model, and they feel pretty good under the foot, but they're probably an inferior choice to the other pair you're considering due to the fit issues.

This product has great features

Great product it was expensive but is worth Great product it was expensive but is worth it. Great product it was expensive but is worth Great product it was expensive but is worth it.

Awesome looking, awesome feeling

I really love these shoes. I was looking for light shoes, mainly for the summer. These shoes are super light, super breathable and have just the right amount of cushioning for short runs and sprints. They also look really good, clean lines and good design. The only downside i can think of is the fact that they aren't suitable for running barefoot; there is a hard fabric part at the bottom of the laces that digs into your foot.

Great 5k Shoe

I did a complete 12 week, 5k training regime. These shoes and proper warm up finally allowed me to be injury free. They also feel incredible. I enjoyed running in these shoes and retiring to either buy them again, or look at the Machina. However i like 5k distance so I will stick with a lighter shoe like this one. I would recommend 10/10 to get these shoes and forget anything bad you have heard about Under Armour shoes.