Écouteurs d'entraînement sans fil UA True Wireless Flash – Édition Project Rock

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UA True Wireless Flash Project Rock Edition Headphones

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  • Technologie Bluetooth facile à connecter qui fonctionne sans câble pour une performance sans aucune distraction
  • Système JBL® Charged Sound avec courbe sonore signée Rock qui offre un son encore plus fort et clair grâce à des basses puissantes pour se motiver à l'entraînement
  • Technologie de son et micro Bionic Hearing exclusive de JBL, qui permet aux athlètes de continuer à entendre leur environnement grâce aux technologies TalkThru & Ambient Aware
  • Technologie Talk-Thru qui réduit le volume de la musique et active les microphones antibruit optimisés pour la parole, pour que vous puissiez parler facilement entre deux exercices sans retirer vos écouteurs
  • Technologie Ambient Aware qui permet de continuer à écouter votre musique pendant l'effort tout en restant conscient de votre environnement
  • Technologie étanche UA Stormproof avec indice IPX7 pour une protection optimale contre l'eau et la transpiration pendant vos entraînements les plus difficiles
  • Embouts avec stabilisateur ultra-confortables et sécurisés, conçus pour rester en place pendant l'effort
  • Commandes pour contrôler la musique, les appels et plus encore via les boutons sur les écouteurs de droite et de gauche
  • Jusqu'à 5 heures d'autonomie de batterie avec 20 heures de charge dans l'étui-chargeur en aluminium robuste
  • Mousqueton avec clip et étui inclus pour une portabilité totale
  • Connexion sans fil par Bluetooth®
  • Comprend : 3 tailles d'embouts antibactériens, 3 stabilisateurs d'embouts, un étui-chargeur avec port micro-USB, un câble de chargement et autocollant emblématique de taureau « Brahman »
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amazing amazing amazing amazing amazing amazing Amazing amazing amazing amazing amazing amazing amazing amazing amazing

Watch mobile video? DO NOT BUY!

Tried the buds once, they seem to fit well and connected easily. Unfortunately, there is a huge lag when watching mobile video which you wouldn't expect from any professional ear buds, let alone with this price tag. Under Armour are refusing to refund, what a waste of money, great customer service eh.

Hoofdtelefoon UA True Wireless Flash — Project Rock Edition

Geweldige performance, ideale pasform. Wat je had willen weten voordat je het product kocht: Dat je 10% korting krijgt na aanmaak van een klant account. Naderhand lukt dat niet meer.

Good but definitely not OSFA

So I'm a massive fan of The Rock (Like everyone else who desperately awaits the latest Project Rock merch) and I missed out on these the first time they were on sale as it was US only. So I was pleasantly surprised when they were available in the first drop of 2020. I've bought a few tanks/vests, the project rock 60 bag, long sleeve tops and the new track jacket - All of which are amazing and I would highly recommend. These however, I'm not so sure. Firstly, the build quality, packaging and the earbuds themselves are all top notch. UA and The Rock killed it in these departments. My issue is with the design/shape of them as they do not fit in my ears - Or I'll force them in as far as possible and they'll stay for a few seconds and then work there way out. I even tried ever combination or the small, medium or large tips & wings that are included to no joy. Definitely no good for training for me. So I've had to return them for this reason. I can't comment on any of the features or the sound quality as I never had chance to turn them on or use them. But that's down to my ears and plenty of other people say otherwise :)

Nice but maybe just not worth the full price

+Great Design; +Good fit for sports; +Good overall sound; +Easy controls; -Issues with charging; -Cannot return unless faulty; -Issues with Android connect; -2-3 seconds delay when watching videos.

Juste.... WAOOOOU

Tout est dans le titre !!! Faire un commentaire c'est top mais... les essayer c'est encore mieux ! Ça tient dans l'oreille (testés après 1h de travail au sac de frappe...), c'est juste magnifiquement pensé ! Esthétiquement parlant , avec un étui de charge qui danse entre l'aspect élégant et, robuste et fonctionnel.... bref, un must have !! MERCI

Amazing training headphones!

These are amazing. It a bit too bit for my eares but still theye fit and sound amazing. I did a lot with these and never have they fallen out. I used them for about 3-4 h yesterday and I dident feel like they was there. They are stil charging tho after more than 8 h. And sometimes you could hear The sound go off and on for just under one sec. It was a bit anoying but it happened about 2 times in that 3-4 h. Still great headphones and I trust The rock and jbl. Thanks for this headphones and I hope you will love this.

Project Rock Flash Edition True wireless

I am a huge Project Rock fan and despite reading some reviews where other products were said to be a little better, I ignored the reviews and trusted the Rock, JBL and Under Armour. I have been waiting for these since the end of September and I think I must have driven Under Armour customer Services mad with the amount of communication asking when these would be available. I was checking the Under Armour website daily and when one early morning before going to work I saw that they were back in stock I thought Christmas had come early. I received these on Christmas Eve 2019 and on Boxing Day I was in the gym giving these bad boys a go and I must say it was worth the wait. These earbuds are absolutely amazing and now I have even more reason to trust in the Rock and Under Armour. I have used these for Cardio circuits, Boxing and weight training and at no stage have I been concerned that they are going to fall out. These are by far my best investment into my training and gym bag. They look the part, sound the part and feel amazing. Some of my weight sessions last about an hour and half and they do not feel at all uncomfortable. Some reviews have suggested that they are not load enough, who ever said that must have hearing issues, the sound quality is amazing and they sound great. When I am in the gym I do not hear anything else. Some reviews I have seen state that you can hear thumping when you run, again this is not the case, I have used these for running, Burpees, Mounting Climbers and skipping and no thumping, just quality sound. Thank You Rock, Under Armour and JBL, Keep doing what you doing and if the quality is as good as these then you will always have satisfied customers.


well where do I start I've owned so many different wireless earbuds used for the gym environment even project rock over headphones but for me these are fantastic great set of earbuds well done under armour and the rock sound quality is amazing so confidable dont even know there in your ears by far for me the best earbuds i have ever used excellent also the talk over button so handy also i got end season sale so 25 percent off rrp price trust not be disappointed in any way

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A livello estetico spettacolari e uniche!!! Perfette e curare in ogni dettaglio! Quasi da non volerle usare per non rovinarle!! Perfette per chi vuole far sport senza nessun disturbo esterno, se non voluto, una volta trovata la dimensione giusta dei gommini l'isolamento è impeccabile!! L'unico modo per sentire quello che ti circonda è attivare le funzioni: -Talk thru: che abbassa automaticamente il volume della musica a sottofondo in modo da poter scambiare due parole con chi si vuole senza dover togliere le cuffiette -Ambient aware che permette di sentire i rumori circostanti, utile se si è per strada a piedi. La qualità audio a volume basso o a volume massimo la non perde minimamente di qualità!! Davvero curate in ogni minimo dettaglio di qualita ed estetico!! SPETTACOLARI!!