Écouteurs sans fil UA Sport Pivot

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UA Sport Wireless Pivot Headphones

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ADN du produit

  • ATTENTION: Ce produit ne peut être renvoyé que s'il est défectueux.
  • Technologie Bluetooth facile à connecter qui fonctionne sans câble pour une performance sans aucune distraction
  • Système JBL® Charged Sound pour un son clair adapté au sport avec des basses puissantes pour se motiver à l'entraînement
  • Technologie de son et micro Bionic Hearing exclusive de JBL, qui permet aux athlètes de continuer à entendre leur environnement grâce aux technologies TalkThru & Ambient Aware
  • Technologie Talk-Thru qui réduit le volume de la musique et active les microphones antibruit optimisés pour la parole, pour que vous puissiez parler facilement entre deux exercices sans retirer vos écouteurs
  • Technologie Ambient Aware qui permet de continuer à écouter votre musique pendant l'effort tout en restant conscient de votre environnement
  • Technologie étanche UA Stormproof avec indice IPX7 pour une protection optimale contre l'eau et la transpiration pendant vos entraînements les plus difficiles
  • Ajustement sécurisé avec embouts Spot Flex Fit et crochet à fixer derrière l'oreille pour une stabilité accrue
  • Écouteurs magnétiques en aluminium pratiques à transporter
  • Jusqu'à 9 heures d'autonomie de batterie avec 2 heures de charge
  • Connexion sans fil par Bluetooth®
  • 4 boutons de réglage sur le microphone
  • Câble en matière robuste avec barrette pour accrocher au t-shirt et cordon de serrage pour plus de sécurité
  • Comprend : 3 tailles d'embouts, 3 stabilisateurs d'embouts, un étui de transport zippé et un câble de chargement
  • Imported

Récapitulatif Des Opinions

3 Avis

Sound Is Great, Battery Sucks

I ordered these online and received them fairly quickly. While unboxing I noticed that one of the ear pieces was missing on the right headphone. I looked everywhere in the box and couldn't find it anywhere. Due to this I changed the ear pieces to small, they fit my ears fine, no big deal. Once, charged, I gave them a shot, noticed right away how comfortably they fit and how great everything sounded. Only complaint at this point is that there's a noticeable amount of static in the left ear. No big deal, once the music is turned up, it's practically unnoticeable. Now here's the kicker, these babies died in 2 hours. Nowhere near the 9 hours boasted in the description. I thought that was peculiar, so I charged them again and saved them for the gym. Went to the gym with them as that's why I purchased them, they stay in your ears incredibly well while doing cardio and weight training. Again the battery died in two hours. This is my only issue with the product so far but I have to say it's incredibly disappointing. I was expecting minimum 5 hours as 9 hours seemed to be a little bit of a stretch. Unless there's some magic trick to making them last longer or I received a dud pair, I think they should update the description of the product. I don't know how these other reviewers are getting 5+ hours out of them. I'm going to see how they make out in the next week or so, if it keeps up I'm sending them back.

Awful quality

I bought these headphones specifically for running and did a lot of research into solid quality workout headphones and bought these. After the first week of use, an unbearable screeching/static noise started accompanying the music through the headphones. I chalked it up to poor service in the area at the time but this is a continuous issue now and I’m afraid I won’t be able to use these. Very frustrating because I doubt I can return them now.

Not what I was thinking

I was so excited to buy these. I read the reviews and was happy to purchase, however I was disappointment when I used them to workout. I ran outside and they fit comfortably in my ears but they had a ring to them every 5 steps I took. I thought maybe they were to far away from the phone, like the connection wasn’t good but that wasn’t it. I moved my phone closer and they still had this ring to the sound. It was awful. When the wind would blow, it got worse. I am sad to return them but I can’t stand that noise they make.