Legging UA All Around pour femme

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Legging UA All Around pour femme
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Taille du modèle: Taille de l'article: Coupe: Ajusté
Legging UA All Around pour femme

ADN du produit

  • Ajusté: Près du corps sans trop coller
  • Matière lisse et souple offrant un soutien sans faille avec un toucher doux et soyeux
  • Matière qui élimine la transpiration et sèche rapidement
  • Ceinture douce et extensible
  • Nouveau design du gousset, ne serre pas au niveau de l’entrejambe
  • Poches sans fermeture pour les mains
  • Entrejambe : 69,75 cm
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2 Avis

only one that works so far

Out of the 3 leggings I bought recently from UA, this is the only one that fits. I think it also has to do with it being high waisted, as when leggings say they are high waisted, they are either actually high waisted or due to your hips/butt become midrise. I also like the feel of the fabric and it feels soft which I like. I would get these again but the other 2 probably not.


I have ordered, tried on, and returned probably 10 different styles of UA leggings. These are BY FAR my favorite pair. Many of the leggings have too many seams, which--though are an attempt at being stylish--are uncomfortable for the wearer (especially when stretched). UA was absolutely accurate when naming these an "All Around Legging". They are great for any activity. I love the material--it feels like a really soft cotton, but wicks like the spandex-like fabric and is very flattering and holds up really well against sliding around on yoga mats or the floor, in frequent gym classes. The pockets are great and out of the way. Just a great pair of leggings. I'm sad that these are out of stock. I want at least 7 pairs of these!!!