Pantalon UA Perpetual Cargo pour homme

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Pantalon UA Perpetual Cargo pour homme
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Disponible en quantités limitées, 1 000 par personne seulement.
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Taille du modèle: Taille de l'article: Coupe: Ajusté
Pantalon UA Perpetual Cargo pour homme

ADN du produit

  • Ajusté: Près du corps sans trop coller
  • Matière tissée stretch, résistante et légère
  • Panneaux en mesh stretch pour l'aération, laissant la peau respirer
  • Ceinture élastique intégrée avec cordon de serrage à l'intérieur
  • Longueur réglable grâce à un système de boucles autobloquantes dans la poche latérale
  • Poches sans fermeture pour les mains
  • Poche cargo sécurisée à bouton-pression et poche zippée pour téléphone
  • Braguette décorative
  • Logo métallisé
  • Entrejambe : 71 cm
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Great Pants

I concur with almost everything the previous reviewer said. These pants look and feel fantastic, and I'm one who has trouble buying pants. And to echo that previous reviewer, more colors please.

Nice stretchy material

A good pair of cargo pants that actually fit right. Many "sports-style" tapered cargo pants from other brands have weird issues like material bunching at the knees or other irregularities (looking at you brand-name-which-rhymes-with-Crikey - I'm tired of paying the "tailor tax" on expensive Crikey pants), but this one fits well and feels stretchy but strong. The cargo pockets are delightfully asymmetrical, with left leg pocket opening from the top and the right opening from the side. It's not perfect however - these pants are rather expensive. And the side hand pockets are relatively shallow and lack zippers. Both cargo pockets are nice and roomy, however the left cargo pocket doesn't have a zipper, or buttons, or Velcro - so you can't really put anything more valuable than a bag of trail-mix in there. Of all the pockets, only the right leg cargo pocket is truly secure. Also, these pants desperately need more color options than just black. Do you hear me Under Armour? More color options please! And not just dark grey, either. I'd like to see these in red. And also in camo and other interesting patterns. Oh, and green too. And orange. And teal would be nice. But especially red!