Sac à dos UA Hustle 4.0

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UA Hustle 4.0 Backpack

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ADN du produit

  • Technologie UA Storm permettant d'affronter les éléments, finition hautement imperméable
  • Bretelles HeatGear® réglables pour davantage de confort
  • Housse intérieure douce pour ordinateur portable de type MacBook Pro® 15 pouces ou ordinateur de même taille
  • Deux poches déperlantes devant pour protéger vos affaires
  • Grande poche à soufflet pour chaussures/linge sale au fond du sac
  • Boucle en D sur le panneau avant qui offre une attache supplémentaire
  • Deux poches sur les côtés pour bouteilles d'eau
  • Fond résistant aux frottements
  • Anse sur le dessus
  • Dimensions sac plein : 15 cm (l) x 33 cm (H) x 49 cm (L)
  • Volume : 26 L
  • 100% Polyester
  • Imported

Récapitulatif Des Opinions

17 Avis

Great Backpack

Has lots of pockets including one on the bottom for shoes or wet clothes. Plenty of pockets with padding to protect your electronics and laptop. Waterproof material keeps your belongings dry.

IS Fine but the color is not correct

All good with my bag but the combination color is not the same as the picture in the website I checked the SKU and is the same

Most comfortable backpack ever

Pack all you need for workout or work. No worry to be overweight on your shoulders.

Love the color!

Great looking product with a good price. I wish it had more divided pockets on the interior for things like glasses, pens, etc. Therefore the 4 star rating

Great Product

Love it!!!! I can fit anything in here. Has multiple compartments. Great for students graduate students!!!


it's a great bag though im a highschool student and I got the white on and it gets dirty easy. I also love the fact i can fit everything in it for all my classes (I have 3 classes a day) and for volleyball stuff

This is great for 6th grade!

I use for school and its perfect. wish it was a little bigger but it works great!

Awesome backpack!

I mainly use it to go to the gym but maaaan, it looks and feels great. Plus all my stuff fit and it’s pretty much waterproof.

Quality is great!

My son chose the green design and it’s even nicer in person but the only thing that I didn’t like is it’s a lot larger than the one we purchased last year (same measurements). But all around great backpack!

This product has a lot of space

I use this backack for school and I have multiple binders, a computer, a textbook, a regular book, small drawstring bag for gym clothes and a pencil pouch that all fits snug in the front two pockets, leaving 2 more extra pockets for small things. The shoe storage is a bit harder to use when the two pain parts are full, but smaller or flatter shoes would be perfect. The side pockets are deep and wide enough to hold various things as well. The straps are very comfortable. Worth the money!