Sac de sport UA Favorite pour femme

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Sac de sport UA Favorite pour femme
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Sac de sport UA Favorite pour femme

ADN du produit

  • Technologie Under Armour Storm qui permet d'affronter les éléments, apprêt hautement résistant à l'eau
  • Grand compartiment principal avec fermeture zippée structurée pour mieux voir le contenu du sac
  • Poche avant plaquée à l'extérieur pour un rangement facile en cours de route
  • Poche intérieure suspendue garantissant un accès rapide à vos effets personnels
  • Bandoulière tissée ajustable et poignée latérale avec marquage textuel jacquard
  • Dimensions une fois plein : 49 x 28 x 28 cm (L x l x H)
  • Volume : 31 L
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This product stores a lot

This bag stores a lot of my gym necessities such as runners, small towel, resistance bands, water bottle etc. The outer fabric is water resistant and surprisingly soft to the touch. The strap is comfortable however the a downside is that the strap is not removable and sewed to the bag (not attached with metal or plastic hook attachments). My only concern with this is in case the strap rips apart from the bag I will have to replace the entire bag. The last downside is storage compartments. The bag is large but only has one small outer pocket and one small inner pocket. I would have liked to see a large mesh pocket on the inside or two pockets in the inside. Aside from all of this the bad meets the requirements to my needs.

Love my small duffel

I recently flew out to CA for a very quick weekend getaway and didn't need to check this item, it was stuffed and still fit under the seat in front of me. Also, the handle at one end made it really easy and comfortable to get on and off the plane, with an option to put the bag in front of my body and keep it from banging into all the seats if it was behind me. Great value. High quality. Very happy with this purchase